Psychotherapy and Life Coaching Services


“It is such an honor and privilege for me to get to know you and share the story that you tell yourself to make sense of your pain while you thrive in your resilience.”

  • Psychotherapy is where you explore and deal with underlying psychological issues behind the chronic habits that are damaging to your relationship with loved ones or with the people that you work with, in the safety of a therapist’s presence.
  • Counseling is where you recognize your inner strengths and resilience, where you strengthen your adaptive coping skills and accomplish your goals with the facilitation of a counselor.
  • Coaching is where you focus on accomplishing your goals and address the barriers that keep you from achieving those goals.

These are the different types of services I offer. Call me for a free 20 minute phone consultation so we can discuss your concerns to determine the appropriate services for your unique needs.

Contact me:

Juliet Lardizabal Johnson, LMFT


Telephone #: (626) 524-5538

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