Juliet Lardizabal Johnson
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
License #: MFC50541

Psychotherapy and Life Coaching Services

"The privilege of a lifetime is being 
who you are." - J. Campbell

Know that it takes tremendous courage to seek professional help.

In psychotherapy, I provide you with safety, empathy and understanding. This is a safe place where you can be heard, understood and accepted for who you really are and you can make sense of the “coping skills that don’t fit in or not appropriate” without being judged or criticized.

Where you are now makes sense in the context of your own life experiences.

In the safety of a therapeutic relationship, you can go past the fear, blaming and guilt, you can go to the place of hurt and suffering as you create meaning out of your current difficulties or in the struggles of a loved one. You may be seeking help because you feel like the most responsible person in the family, or in your love relationship or in your work relationship and you seem to carry the burden of guilt or self-blame.

In the safety of a therapist’s presence, you can sit with your emotional pain and suffering while increasing your innate ability to experience hope, happiness and love.

In the safety of a coaching relationship, you can create a space to open up your enthusiasm and energy to work towards pursuing your own hopes and dreams. In the active dynamics of coaching, you can focus on your goals, identify patterns of barriers to your goals and come up with creative solutions to reach your goals.

Call me for a free 20 minute phone consultation so we can discuss your concerns to determine the appropriate services for your unique needs.

Contact me:

Juliet Lardizabal Johnson, LMFT

Email: jjohnsoncares@gmail.com

Telephone #: (626) 524-5538

3727 W. 6th Street, Suite #507
Los Angeles, CA 90020

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